We Recycle

We are committed to making recycling easier, more efficient, and more productive. In doing so, The Green Company, Inc. will handle all of your recycle pickups to save you a trip or two.Single-stream recycling, where all recyclables are mixed together in one collection, is the preferred method for our clients and we in-turn do all of the sorting ourselves so you don't have to!!!

Items we currently accept for pickups are as follows:

  • Newspaper
  • Mixed paper (Both white and colored paper, envelopes, junk mail, construction paper, and card stock)
  • Glossy paper (Flyers, magazines, and catalogs)
  • Books (Both hard and soft cover)
  • Cardboard (Cereal boxes, shoe boxes, and paper grocery bags)
  • Certain metals (Iron and aluminum cans)
  • Plastics (Grocery bags, plastic dry cleaning bags, and newspaper insert bags)
  • Styrofoam(Carry out boxes and packing materials)
  • Batteries (Household batteries only) 

Please be sure that all of your cans are thoroughly rinsed and cleaned out, and you can crush them to save on size.  Let us know if you would be interested in having us take care of your recycling needs, and we will work with you to customize your very own recycling program during our initial consultation.

The Green Company, Inc.is an Eco-friendly, fully bonded and insured cleaning service provider located in the heart of Midtown in Detroit, Michigan.  We specialize in both commercial and residential cleanings. The Green Company, Inc. has emerged as a result of the ever-changing, progressive ideology of Detroit. We are dedicated to be part of Detroit’s future. The reality is Green is our future. Green is in our name, and it’s our promise.

What Makes Us Unique?

Here at The Green Company, Inc. we pride ourselves in buying our cleaning products from local vendors only.  In addition, we also employ locally and all of our cleaning products are recycled which works to our client’s advantage because it cuts costs, and keeps us competitive with non-Eco friendly cleaning companies. 

Our Capability

We have continued our supply and staffing vendors to ensure that we can allocate the appropriate resources for each and every one of our clients. Currently, we are structured to service:

  • Residential (Lofts, apartments, town homes, single-family homes, and condos)
  • Offices (including meeting rooms, break rooms and/or kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, and bathrooms)
  • Apt. Buildings (all units move in/move out and general building maintenance)
  • Banking institutions
  • Schools 
  • Fitness facilitiesNursery/Daycare centers
  • Institutions up to 95,000 Sqft.   

County's we currently service:  Wayne (selective areas), Oakland (selective areas),  & Washtenaw (selective areas)

We're On A Mission

Our mission, in alignment with our vision, is to play our part in the redevelopment process of a progressive Detroit by means of providing quality services and championing community responsibility. We’re not only creating opportunities for local vendors, but also employment opportunities locally, and incentivizing local business to go green through our “Green Pledge” program.

Innovative Ideas - TheGreenPledge

Because we are dedicated in taking part of Detroit’s greening process, we’ve established the Green Pledge program. This program is designed to encourage companies to take initiative in green maintenance if they haven’t already done so, and incentive those who have. Taking the Green Pledge will benefit businesses in two ways: free advertising, and the ability to use our G2G (green version of B2B) component.Once your business is established as a Green Pledge participant, it will be promoted on our website and through our local events without any financial contributions necessary. In addition, as stated above, your company will be able to gain from our G2G (Green to Green) program byussending your company’s information to other companies that have also taken the pledge for purposes of business procurement.

Our goal is to foster an ecosystem of businesses supporting businesses that choose to go Green!!!