•  Bedrooms: Bed-making
  •  Vacuuming;  Dusting
  •  Laundry/Folding Clothes 
  •  Dusting and high dusting all appliances; windows; lights; etc.
  •  Kitchen: Sweep and mop all surfaces; dusting; clean out sink, and wipe   counter surfaces
  •  Detailed refrigerator/freezer cleaning
  •  Pantry & Oven Cleaning
  •  Window Cleaning
  •  Spot Treat walls
  •  Living/Family room: Dusting appliances, all fixtures, and blinds; vacuum   carpet/clean wood flooring; clean baseboards
  •  Bathroom: Cleaning fixtures; mopping; toilets; replacing toilet  tissue; mirror cleaning
  •  Fold towels
  •  Detailed bath-tub cleaning
  •  Recycling (Please see 'About Us' page for more details)

Examples of services including but  not limited to

Ask yourself, How can we SERVICE you?

​​Customer service policy- You are not just a client, you are now considered family.  That's the sentiment you can expect from us. Our love is organic. And to show this, we have a 24-hour policy with all of our clients whereas if within 24 hours after a cleaning, if you find anything we've cleaned not to your loving, then we will comeback the same day to resolve it free of charge.  

DoYou Know What's In Your Home? You Should

The Green Company, Inc. uses products that are infant-friendly, pet-friendly, and not bad for adults too!!! In an effort to stay a foot ahead of the rest, ask yourself: what could make my day a little less stressful?  The answer, convenience.  Understanding the needs of our clients is our top concern, which is why we have different programs available because everyone's needs are different. For example, suppose you're having a gathering at your condo, and you need a quick clean before they arrive... Well, we have a Guests Are Coming program which should put you to ease.  We do a quick clean, putting objects away, making the bed, sanitize the kitchen and bathroom and get your dishwasher going for you all within 20 minutes!  Or what if you (or your loved one) is expecting and cannot bend down, let alone clean? Getting around your loft could be difficult, and thats why we have an Expecting Mothers program which would be ideal for you as we take the heavy lifting off your hands, and feet!! We go outside the norm of residential cleaning.  We offer everything across the board ranging from laundry/folding clothes, to washing your dishes.  Whatever your needs are, get them met with a reasonably-priced Eco-friendly cleaning! Please see our service list below.